The Morality of War

And the war on morality.

Screenshot from the trailer of Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Damn the conscientious objector,
who fakes his precious morality,
only in the face of a specter.
Selfish, shallow, imposter,
cunning, shrewd, defector!

Excuse me, Mister Commander?
I didn’t sign up for death.
I never promised the kill,
directs of your violence,
for your selfish designs.
And let me ask you something,
my countrymen with grit,
and honor so revered:
Who is to blame,
for conjuring up this specter?

Said, Mr. Commander.
Look at you, such a fluff!
Soft-hearted lector,
who sings pretty preaches,
and convinces plain folks
to go against the scripture.

Evil! Rebel! Fraudster!
Cry the countrymen
with honor so revered,
and swords ready to rupture,
the enemy, the traitor.

But you taught me songs of love.
What happened to talks of peace,
harmony, flowers, and friendship?
So, mock, you may,
my dear peeps,
if mock you must.
I won’t submit to hate;
I won’t put to lust.
Don’t walk with me.
To hell with y’all thugs.

Author’s Note: To hell with the other people.

Film Recommendation: Hacksaw Ridge





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Zainab Jafri


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