Patience, I can’t.

Photo by Dana Critchlow on Unsplash

But you can try.
Just take your time.
Think it through.
Gather your thoughts.
Come on,
Just focus.
Pick it up.
And just say it.

Ain’t it simple?

I’ve thought it through…
But they’re everywhere!
I just can’t pick one.
They’re all connected!
And it’ll lose context.

What was it?

It’s already gone.
But wait for me.
Will ya?
Wait for it.
It’ll be here soon.

And eternities later,
It’s decided to come back.
So here it is.
Completely out of context.
It doesn't fit.

Because you see.
There’s time to say;
And time to shut up.
But it has decided to come.
When it’s time to shut up.

You know what?
I’ll say it anyway.
Because it has to be said.
For I cannot wait
For another eternity.
So bear with me.
It’ll soon fit.

Author’s Note: Well, that was random.





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