A Nice and Good Review of ‘American Marxism’ by Mark Levin

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  1. So Mark loves to use the thesaurus to elongate his rants on the American Left and, of course, validate Trump’s ‘nice and good’ presidency.

The Democratic Party, aligned with its surrogates in the media, academia, and the bureaucratic Leviathan, colluded to discredit and cripple Trump’s presidency, and destroy him personally, by unleashing an onslaught of slanders, conspiracy theories, criminal and congressional investigations, impeachments, and coup attempts, the likes of which this nation has never experienced. The unremitting, harmonized, and ferocious blitz was aimed not only at the former president, but his followers and voters.

2. He loves to quote himself.

Again, I wrote nearly a decade ago that these mass movements are “intolerant of diversity, uniqueness, debate, etc., for [their] purpose requires a singular focus. There can be no competing voices or causes slowing or obstructing society’s long and righteous march. [They rely] on deceit, propaganda, dependence, intimidation, and force. In its more aggressive state, as the malignancy of the enterprise becomes more painful and its impossibility more obvious, it incites violence inasmuch as avenues for free expression and civil dissent are cut off. Violence becomes the individual’s primary recourse and the state’s primary response. Ultimately, the only way out is the state’s termination.”

3. He occasionally likes to slur same-old-same-old economic determinist slurs on the evil person Marx was.

4. He is also proficient at writing a full page by copying and pasting several paragraphs (just like I did in this review) from poor translations of Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx’s work, occasionally quoting himself in between.

5. He loves to quote Eric Hoffer. Eric is the author of The True Believer. He sounded like a decent guy with decent reservations with the radical Leftist movements. I might give him a read.

No wonder I loved the book. It was ‘nice and good.’ It made me smile. It made me jump from my echo chamber to someone else’s echo chamber. No, it wasn’t convenient. But nothing nice and good is convenient, you see.

Seriously though, I do think that cancel culture is annoying; the global Left is overpowered by identity politics; it hasn’t achieved anything nice and good in developing countries with their intellectual elitism and urban movements (mostly on the part of the Liberals who happen to be economically conservative, but wait, talk to a progressive and they’ll disown them immediately); and victim mentality is a curse.

But Mark, see, progressives already know that. Progressives are just...people. Why so much hate? Works best for Fox news.

Author’s Note:

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