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Bhai is going to take care of it all. He always does.

Mama is late. So is Maryam Apa. But sure, Bhai will take care of it all. But he has decided to be funny today. I don’t like funny. I hate funny, especially when they join forces to make fun of me. I just told them the best dream I ever had, and they made fun of the best dream I ever had. And suddenly, Princess Nur of House of I-Don’t-Care is relevant. Stop it. Ugh. And somehow, Bhai is friends with her. I know exactly why. She’s sick…

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He says I should write,
But what’s there to say?
I wrote about hypocrisy,
Just the other day,
I found in me a hypocrite,
The feeling couldn’t stay.

If I may?

They were talking about stones.
The proportionality of bombs.
And what came first.
And who’s going home.

Talk and talk and talk,
A bunch of fancy snarks,
And a few hazy snorts.
I hated in silence.
And then I had to walk.

But then, just then.
I stumbled upon a mock
of justice and hope.

She said before her home
Broken and torn.
Because proportional

Merit’s become of the Common Good.

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So, I stumbled upon Michael’s work while scrolling through YouTube. The title read: The series could not really reach any conclusion on ‘what’s the right thing to do’ because, you see, justice is complex, situational, and difficult. But as Michael says, we must not stop questioning because of the fear of skepticism.

In , Michael has decided to reach a conclusion, and that too, a really simple one. …

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  1. So Mark loves to use the thesaurus to elongate his rants on the American Left and, of course, validate Trump’s ‘nice and good’ presidency.

The Democratic Party, aligned with its surrogates in the media, academia, and the bureaucratic Leviathan, colluded to discredit and cripple Trump’s presidency, and destroy him personally, by unleashing an onslaught of slanders, conspiracy theories, criminal and congressional investigations, impeachments, and coup attempts, the likes of which this nation has never experienced. The unremitting, harmonized, and ferocious blitz was aimed not only at the former president, but his followers and voters.

2. He loves to quote himself.

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A perfect candy land. But the children I saw were pale and limp by eating sugary sugars and all the bright things that covered everything that could be touched. What were the three adults doing in a dreamland? That guy with a curly head and a poetic look, that girl with brown eyes and a critical mouth. Such accidental encounters in unknown territories.

Where do they come from? I paused and reflected and found that they were talking to the heavenly children who wanted an out. The kids never said it. I felt them wanting it. I felt myself wanting…

Book Review

Drug Use for Grown-Ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear

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Good enough writing. Occasionally witty. Made me think actively. So, yeah.

Before reading , I wasn’t sure if I had any opinion on the legality of drugs. And now, well, I don’t know if it’s strong, but it’s lurking somewhere there in the air. And I was listening to what had to say. I’m still unsure because it doesn’t affect me. Selfish? Maybe. But sometimes, you have to be there before saying, “Yeah, I understand.” No, I haven’t been there. No, I don’t understand.

So, I tried to pretend…

And the war on morality.

Screenshot from the trailer of

Damn the conscientious objector,
who fakes his precious morality,
only in the face of a specter.
Selfish, shallow, imposter,
cunning, shrewd, defector!

Excuse me, Mister Commander?
I didn’t sign up for death.
I never promised the kill,
directs of your violence,
for your selfish designs.
And let me ask you something,
my countrymen with grit,
and honor so revered:
Who is to blame,
for conjuring up this specter?

Said, Mr. Commander.
Look at you, such a fluff!
Soft-hearted lector,
who sings pretty preaches,
and convinces plain folks
to go against the scripture.

Evil! Rebel! Fraudster!
Cry the countrymen
with honor so revered,

Zainab Jafri


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